Photographs are memories of a lifetime! The feeling is even more enhanced when there is a melange of colours all juxtaposed against an Indian backdrop. Capture the contrasts the country has to offer be it in lifestyles, food, clothes, customs, religion, modes of transports or day-to-day activities. India is truly a shutterbug’s delight.

Additional offerings

  • Camera/ equipment rentals- Tell us your requirements and we will help you rent cameras, lenses and other equipments to help you travel with just the baggage you require.
  • Coverage of festivals and fairs- Join our photo experts to cover special festivals and fairs of India be it the Kumbh Mela where pilgrims gather in millions to bathe in the sacred waters of the river Ganges; the Annual livestock fair and cultural fête at the Camel Fair at Pushkar; Holi the festival of colours or Diwali the festival of lights.
  • An Indian wedding experience- Weddings in India are multi- day affairs celebrating the union of two people and their families. Its a perfect opportunity to capture the extensive decorations, colours, dance, costumes and rituals that make an Indian wedding such an elaborate affair.