About Us

Have you ever been to a place and longed for a locally-based friend to tell you just how to get around, which places to eat, where to shop, etc? A local friend with the eyes of a tourist. Passport Perfect has a network of “ambassadors” in various parts of India. These Passport Perfect ambassadors are typically well-educated, homemaker women who have some time on their hands to be that local friend. They can accompany you for that shopping or sightseeing trip or give you trustable guidance on the phone… a level of engagement that suits your privacy or interaction preferences. These ambassadors have diverse hobbies such as photography, food, wildlife, museums, running, art, dance, etc that may mirror your own and so can help you explore your specific areas of interest in the places you visit.

How We Work

Step 1

We charge you a fixed admin fee (different rates apply for individuals, families and groups) for planning and/or executing the trip. This fee is charged upfront before we share the agenda and the trip plan. We will work with you till you are satisfied and get the vacation plan you desire- the iterations are unlimited.

Step 2

You can either take just the plan and make the bookings yourself or we can take on the hassle while you take care of other matters on your agenda. If we book the trip for you, then the admin fee is deductible from the overall trip cost.

Step 3

In case of cancellation, the admin fee is non-refundable. Whatever our vendors refund to us, we will refund to you.